Who We Are?

IKON Prefabric & Steel structure engaged in manufacturing prefabricated structure with advanced technology and superior quality, began production in 1997. With vision and self-renewing structure, continues to progress in the industry without compromising customer satisfaction and quality.

IKON Prefabric & Steel structure with Technical Office and R&D group in the body; continuous new product design and project work to meet customer needs,operations through Ankara Prefabric factory.

IKON Prefabric & Steel structure which will be used in the production of construction projects in different sections and sizes according to customer demand resulting in-house designs and manufactures.

Our Mıssıon

Our mission as IKON Prefabric & Steel structure;  for produce high quality products having high-tech and modern manufacturing methods,makingn efforts for sales to international market and  gain access to world-class, produce lower cost-higher quality products with implement development activities in the use and usefulness of the company’s products and increase the diversity of products with R & D developing methods


Our Vision

Our vision as IKON Prefabric & Steel structure; aim to be a global brand, with high-quality production capacity in sector of prefabric, steel structures, mild steel villas

Our Quality Policy

  • “Quality” to get an indispensable basis,
  • Create a level of service concept not satisfied with the only “Quality”.
  • Follow technological developments and renew equipment according to technological development we need.
  • The largest investment is giving to knowledge and staff to be experienced,accomplish steady growth,
  • Give all our units with training occupational health and safety awareness
  • Quality, environmental and HSE Management System to the Terms,the legal requirements,related to our industry to comply with other requirements and continually improve,
  • During the planning and construction,to take measures to minimize the effects will harm the environment and health.
  • Continuous improvement in every sense to be regarded as a philosophy.